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Attention B2B SaaS Founders:

We'll build your B2B SaaS an in-house Hybrid Customer Acquisition System to get you extra 20 product demos a month in 6 months or less. Performance-based.

You'll close them at a minimum 20% rate, without giving away any equity, having to hire external agencies, increasing your marketing budget, wasting time & money on low ROI channels, or paying expensive retainers.

Loved by 100+ amazing startups

We'll build your B2B SaaS a Hybrid Customer Acquisition System to get you an extra 20 qualified demos a month in 6 months or less (and refund you in full if it doesn't work)

Here you will learn how to find and predictably sell to B2B buyers who will pay more for your SaaS, without giving away any equity, having to hire external agencies or outsourcing your sales

This is how we'll do it:

0 to 83 demos in 16 weeks at 27% close rate

We booked 83 demos with Britton, Founder of Perci AI in the first 16 weeks, at 27% average close rate. 4 demos were booked within 2 hours after the initial Go-To-Market session (Perci had no demos prior to joining; all results are with $0 ad spend).

From 5 to 150 daily sign-ups in 4 weeks

Ricard, Founder of Dividend Compass shares how we got his product from 5 to 150 daily sign-ups (with $0 ad spend) and talks about his experience with SaaS Camp.

8X increase in profit in 11 weeks

Marcus from Feedbucket talks about how his confidence in his product changed after we helped him increase his profit by 8 times. We booked the first demos in week 0 and received the payment from the first cold B2B lead on day 17.

Cold lead closed 6 days after launching campaigns

Jillian, Founder of MiloTree celebrates closing the sale from cold outreach campaigns just 6 days after we launched. We helped her identify an ideal customer profile, set up campaigns, and handle objections, which brought us results that fast (PS - Jillian recorded this testimonial in her first month in the program).

And here's what the MiloTree team got to say after completing the program

We are a performance-based equity-free SaaS Accelerator trusted by 100+ founders
We are a performance-based equity-free SaaS Accelerator trusted by 100+ founders
  • Between XO Capital, Cold Email Studio, Super Send, and other stuff, my little empire should clear 7 figures this year, and having Denis to pull me up a level when I get stuck was super valuable. Got Supersend from 0 to $3K MRR in < 3 months.

    Andrew Pierno
    Founder at XO Capital, ColdEmail.Studio, Supersend
  • Had a great conversation with @Denis__Shatalin today! Wow... Gave me a handful of ideas as to how we can grow. Genuine, kind and bright (very, very bright) person that wants to help people. Thank you, Sir. Would encourage SaaS founders to reach out to him.
    Andy Asch
    Co-Founder & SaaS CMO ($425k ARR)
  • This morning I had a video call with Denis Shatalin. During our conversation, we spoke about the target market for 8inside. He helped me realize one simple thing: most of our customers are software engineers. He also gave a couple of other valuable hints that we're going to implement soon. Thanks!
    Alexander Friz
    Co-Founder & CTO 8inside, ex Apple
  • Just had a chat with @Denis__Shatalin from SaaS Camp. An underrated GOAT in the SaaS space. The man clearly knows his stuff.
    Founder @ VSL Partner
  • Had a very fruitful discussion with @Denis__Shatalin from @SaaSCampHQ where he broke down how I can kickoff my project and build momentum. Thanks!
    Liza Boeva
    Co-Founder & CMO at IP Sense
  • Joined @SaaSCampHQ by @Denis__Shatalin recently. He gave me useful marketing suggestions, helped to get over the struggle of talking with potential clients to validate the startup ideas, and he's even assisting with finding the first users!
    Dima Krutolianov
    Founder & CEO UI Jet

52 positive replies and 16 calls in 21 days, resulting in $35 400 total contract value for Ilya, CEO Powerleads.io

Closing buyers at 10X the price after changing positioning for Ian, Founder of Netumo

From 0 demos to 23 demos booked in 7 days

for Brian, Founder of Ethos

Going from 0% to 30% reply rate after changing outreach copy for Supreet, Founder of Anywhere App

Sale closed 6 days after sending the first cold email with Jillian, Founder of MiloTree

Here startups 3X sales.

Petsandjoys.com team has been working hard on their startup for more than a year. For 14 months their free users were dragging them in all ways. When they joined the program we realized we should throw away 85% of the features and double down on what has the highest chance to bring revenue: telemedicine for pet owners. In 3 weeks since our first meeting, the founders closed 4 B2B sales with veterinarian clinics.
Petsandjoys.com team has been working hard on their startup for more than a year. For 14 months their free users were dragging them in all ways. When they joined the program we realized we should throw away 85% of the features and double down on what has the highest chance to bring revenue: telemedicine for pet owners. In 3 weeks since our first meeting, the founders closed 4 B2B sales with veterinarian clinics.
Here startups
3X sales.
We receive 80% of our performance fee only after adding your SaaS 240K ARR
It's time to get un-stuck
Get consistent demos. Build reliable acquisition channels. Learn the ins and outs of SaaS sales and marketing. Sell at the price your SaaS is really worth.
Dominate your market.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why join SaaS Camp now?
    You have 2 options. One is not to invest in your startup and skills. This way won't bring any changes in the speed of your growth and the condition of your user acquisition.

    Option 2 will allow you to identify your market positioning within 14 days, stop losing money by charging the wrong pricing, and grow your SaaS revenue, protected by an ROI guarantee.

    It's up to you to decide which way you wish to proceed.
  • Why are you doing this, if you have cheat codes to build million dollar businesses?
    Building startups was one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever gone through. And that’s why I put my life to make sure other entrepreneurs don’t struggle for years like I did.

    I fell in love with coaching, and every person on SaaS Camp team lives by the purpose of helping founders create incredible companies.

    There is nothing that makes us happier than getting people through the toughest stage of their journey. So far we’ve helped over 100 founders in various stages, and I must say we’re just getting started.
  • What if it's not for me /what if it turns out to be different from my expectations?
    If in your first 7 days you see it's not something you thought it would be like - we'll just send your money back.
  • How will this affect my success chances?
    In business, nobody knows the future. And particularly in startups. But think of your chances of hitting your goal when you are provided a dedicated team of experts with 7-figure exits to grow your B2B SaaS.

    The team that does nothing but structures sales and marketing for B2B SaaS startups across versatile niches every day, for years. The team that is bold enough to put a money-back guarantee behind their words.

    And being surrounded by founders who are a few steps ahead of you and can literally share what they've just done to get the results.
  • How can I trust you?
    For that, don’t take our word for it. See numerous case studies, video testimonials, and Stripe screenshots.

    We’ve been featured in 5 publications and rely on our brand as a long-term asset. It means way more to us than any financial gain.

    So if for some reason it wasn’t like what you expected, we’ll just send your money back.

    Our team cumulatively has an audience of over 10 000 people we've built over the years across Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

    Plus, we have multiple guarantees to remove friction and sign contracts before onboarding founders into SaaS Camp.
  • Is this going to be too hard?
    We pulled off tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for first-time technical founders who never sold or marketed a thing in their life.
  • Will I have time for this?
    Our program is best suited for founders who're full time on their products. You could pull it off while being involved into multiple ventures, but unless you're ready to put 30 hours a week into your startup - it will not be a good fit.

    If you are working on your startup full time, expect that we recommend investing at least 10 hours a week into coaching and executing on your activation milestones.
  • So who exactly is this for?
    Our program is best suited for B2B SaaS founders who already made sales with their software and now want to get more consistency with their pipeline, increase close rate and make sure they're charging what they should be.
  • Oh, I will need a huge budget to make this work and millions of dollars in venture capital.
    Look, we are used to working with startups with various budgets. We got results for 18-year-old bootstrapped founders keeping their costs at $200 a month. And we helped later-stage startups allocate a marketing budget of $20,000. Extra resources will speed you up but aren't a must.
  • This seems great but sounds like it’s expensive. I don’t know if I have the budget for it.
    I know that the initial investment of starting something new can always seem daunting. But instead of seeing it as an expense, see it as an investment.

    If you make an extra $5,000,000 in the next 12 months with our program, it will change your life. Compared to the price of the program, it’s basically free.

    By the time you complete this program, you will know how to select the best niche for SaaS products, how to convert users to higher pricing than your competitors, how to consistently get new customers, and be certain when and where the next one will come from, and how to build marketing campaigns that generate demand for your product.

    Think how much you’ll make within 5 years from now being equipped with these skills.
  • Well, I tried getting customers for my SaaS and this didn’t work. So SEO is my only option.
    To be honest, you were probably doing it wrong. There are a lot of small nuances and big strategic things you need to consider when doing sales and marketing for B2B SaaS startups.

    Most likely your customer profile or use of acquisition channel weren’t right.

    We’ve had founders who couldn’t right customers for more than a year, and it took weeks before they started converting companies into their premium plan after they applied our frameworks.
  • How much support will I get?
    We provide unlimited support, as the only thing we care about is your success. We start with a 1-1 Go-To-Market strategy session and then help you execute on it by coaching you in weekly sessions.

    In between the sessions, you can ask all the questions in the community. For cases when you’ll have enterprise level opportunities and will want extra help, you’ll always have a link to book a 1-1 check up call.

    All of this to make sure you always have guidance in crucial moments.
  • But what if I have no sales or marketing experience?
    Then you are in the right place because it’s common for us to help technical founders who’ve been coding their entire life.

    You don’t need any sales or marketing experience to grow your revenue, you’ll acquire all the skills as you join.
  • Is this a course?
    No. We have pre-recorded materials but it is not a course. It is a combination of a coaching program & a mastermind.

    We regularly add more personalized modules if needed. Everything is optimized for one KPI: your success.
  • How fast will I start seeing results?
    It depends on your niche and phase. We had B2B SaaS founders selling mid-ticket subscriptions convert customers in 17 days. We had others book 23 demos in their first week. But be ready for things to take a couple of months before you can see the REAL output. And if you’re selling contracts above $50k, these can take 3-5 months.
  • What's this Performance-Based Accelerator thing?
    Glad you asked. We are the only B2B SaaS accelerator in the world who have guts to bet on our expertise with our business model.

    We assign each startup a Dedicated Success Manager and thoroughly check-in with you to help you grow your revenue. Then, most of the commission we get comes after you hit an agreed revenue target.

    Caring about each founder and getting them results is what allows us to stay in the game.
  • Will I lose access to everything after the program is finished?
    No, all the frameworks, tools and guides stay with you for a lifetime.
  • Any cool perks when I join, as I've read that far?
    Absolutely. The moment you join you get
    $500 000 worth of perks, including 90% discounts to AWS, Hubspot, and more.
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