Case Studies

Recommendify: driving $100M in upsells for store owners

Recommendify is a Shopify app. That's why Evan found it difficult to apply common customer acquisition strategies. The majority of startups in his niche come to the Shopify marketplace with millions in funding and spend thousands on purchasing reviews to go up inside the Shopify app store.

In Recommedify’s case, we had 1300 emails to work with. The team was afraid to charge their real worth, but user interviews have shown that we're bringing a huge ROI to them (Reccomendify generated over 100M in upsells for Shopify stores). That's why we went 4X in our pricing and now we're converting people into a $249/mo plan.

We ran a series of email marketing campaigns that brought us demos with enterprise-level customers and gave us clarity on buyer personas on the lower plans. Now Recommendify has a sustainable growth model, thanks to successful affiliate partnerships and optimized email flows.